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Create an App for Your Church

With the growing popularity of mobile devices (smart phones and tablets) Apps – short for applications – are in high demand. What exactly is an ‘app’?

In brief, an app is software that provides a shortcut to content. Rather than have to go to a website to find content, the app is downloaded onto the mobile device and clicked to conveniently access content.

What’s the significance of apps? More and more people are buying smart phones and using the internet on them. Consider these statistics:

1 million smart phones are sold every day.
50% of data is now consumed on mobile devices
80 minutes are spent by mobile users each day on apps

What can an app do for your church?
With an app you can present content such as: full-length sermon audio and video, articles, images, blogs, and more. Many of these features allow end-users to share your content through Twitter, Facebook, and email. Event listings, maps, and online giving can be presented and integrated. In short, once someone downloads your church’s app, they can access your website content from a mobile device easier and faster.

For more information about how to create an app for your church or ministry see:

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