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FEIC Summit 2014
10-13-14 – 5:30 PM Notes

IMG_3372Session I
Monday Night

Larry’s welcome
Introduction of attendees
Introduction of speakers
Introduction of staff





Joel EllisIMG_3397
Global University International

Offers discipleship materials in multiple languages
Four schools: School of Evangelism and Discipleship, Berean School of the Bible, Undergraduate School of Bible and Theology, Graduate School of Theology.



Session II
Monday Night
Theme Explanation:
After worship led by Michael and Dawn, Larry shared about needing to know who we are. Reading book by Jack Frost…talked about theme: ‘Balance, Boundaries & Being Ready…Marriage, Ministry & Mission’

Challenge thinking – instead of vertical, think horizontal. God is always first, but sometimes family has to take priority in the moment. Many times people confuse their work for God with their relationship with God.

This week we want to help get some of this straight.

FEIC Explanation:
Developing Ministry Responses:
• International Churches
• Culturally Diverse Communities
• National Churches Doing International Ministry

A national church with an international initiative.
The national church is clearly intentional about wanting to include internationals.

A national church with an international context.
The national church willfully determines to internationalize the whole context of their services ministries/activites.

A national church with an international expression.
The natioanal church openly encourages the development of an international congregation and celebrates its success.

Tony shared about the changes in Germany. National government has told the communes they have to accept refugees.

Larry: these are some of the things happening that national churches will need help with. Even in the national movement here – difficult history. They looked at VCC as the crazy ones. Now the same things they called us crazy for – they are now doing. I believe VCC has had a tremendous influence on the national church.

Have to work to win the hearts of the national church and leaders.

Who We Are:
Our network churches are a tapestry of cultures and traditions, races and people groups, languages and nationalities united under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Current comprised of 69 primary churches that are located in 27 different nations.

Mission Statement:
To accelerate the work of the Gospel among Europe’s diverse international population.

What We Offer:
Establish supportive relationships
Encourage shared resources
Empower strategic renewal and development

We are extending the influence of the gospel by going into new places and doing new things. We should have a big voice.
Vienna March for Jesus – 10 years ago – 1000 people. Three weeks ago – 12,000 people.

We are enabling established churches to maintain vitality in their mission.
How do we keep that vitality, that spiritual renewal, that awakening.

We are enhancing the ministry effectiveness of our national partners at a critical time. We believe we can do that. Help them, resource them, equip them.

What’s happening now?
New international churches are being planted in key cities.
Existing international churches are experiencing significant development.
National churches are more strategic re: international churches.

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