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IMG_3522Session II
Donald Lichy, Ph.D.

Barriers to Balance…Compassion Fatigue Among God’s Helpers
Disciplines are activities we are engaged in that allow us, over time, to do what we couldn’t do on a natural level.

John 1:1-13
Design for yourself a ‘keeping my own heart’ week.

Develop a Game Plan or ‘Ideal Week’
Devotional time
Physical Exercise
Day Off
Healthy Balance

What are you doing right now to keep a generational perspective, eternal perspective?
Be Ready!
To be formed into the image of Christ
Formed – Conformed – Transformed
All of the reality in the heart, mind and soul comes from a life beyond ourselves.
The goal: that Christ be formed in you.

Your Invisible Imprint
Everybody has a ‘presence’
Some people call them ‘vibes’ or ‘impressions’
What do people feel when they are around you?
Whatever dominates your inner life motivates our interaction and stimulates their reactions to us?
Your life leaves an invisible imprint on the life of everyone you are close to.

The PIESS Model:

Body purity
Health Care
Moral Purity

What we think about
Thought life
Self talk
Romans 112:1-2
Philppians 4:8
Listening to the Holy Spirit’s promptings
“As a man thinks so we are”

Purpose of the Disciplines is not the Discipline – It’s Freedom
The pianist spends thousands of hours in practice so he is free to do what he needs/wants to do.

Leave a Legacy
Sow an action…reap a habit
Sow a habit…reap a character
Sow a character…reap a destiny

What will people remember about us?
How we lived
How we loved
How we left
Finish Well!

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