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IMG_3486Session II
John Palmer
Emerge Counseling Services

God gave us three words when we were to join Emerge.
1) Prevention – God spoke to me through Humpty Dumpty. All the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put Humpty together again. But God can. (See video below)
Emerge has helped 225,000 people who have been through Emerge in one-on-one counseling. When they come to our offices to see one our 32 counselors they come because there is an unresolved issue. What if there had been a fence around the wall to keep Humpty from falling? We want to build patterns to prevent leaders from falling.

Want to talk about some of the fence posts in our lives that will keep us healthy and strong.

2) Extensions
3) Strengthen

In 2012, 2000 pastors left the ministry every month. 80% of pastors in America believe that pasotoral ministry has negative effects on their families. 33% believe it’s a hazard to their family. 70% say have lower self image. 70% don’t have someone they consider a close friend. Today, 50% American pastors starting wont’ last in 5 years. Only 1 out of 10 pastors serving today will retire as a minister.

Build fences so pastors can live strong, stay strong and finish well.

Let’s look at one of those things that cause pastors to get off track:

#1: Unhealthy work life balance.

Value of Assessment
• Awareness
• Reality
• On target
• Self-correction
• Clarification
• Personal development
• Preventative
• Changes needed
• Perspective
• Helps make right decisions
• Where we go from here

Took a personal assessment.

Setting smart action steps:
Relevant or realistic

Value of action steps is that they require you to take responsibility.

Resources shared:
Why pastors leave the ministry
Humpty Dumpty new

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