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2010 FEIC Leadership Summit
Monday, October 18-Thursday, October 21
VCC Retreat Center
Mariahilfberg 15
2770 Gutenstein AUSTRIA

FEIC Summit 2010
Day 3
Posted By Jeff Slaughter

David Wigingdon
Shared about leading his church to read the Bible everyday and pray. Developed ‘Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer’ (SOAP)…every month in bookmark form. Assigned a chapter a day on the bookmark. Also assigned one verse for children to read.

Talked about 360-degree feedback. Encouraged us to improve feedback system. Developed system at his church where he has a feedback team which evaluates the 1st service before the 2nd in terms of ‘best 3 minutes’ and ‘worst 3 minutes’. They make changes between services.

Feed Forward: Present a problem to someone and ask them to brainstorm with you to help you find a solution.

FeedForward: reinforces the possibility of change –
Feedback: (negative) reinforces the possibility of failure.

Feedforward: ‘let’s go into the future together’
Feedback: associated with judgment

People tend to listen more attentively to feed forward rather than feedback.

Most of us hate getting negative feedback.


Arto (Finland) shared about ‘Impact Now’ scheduled for July/August 2011 in Budapest, Hungary. This is a youth conference and outreach week sponsored by the Pentecostal Evangelical Fellowship (PEF).

For more info on the conference:

For more information about PEF:


Keith Conley
Shared more details about the Church Life program and its benefits to churches.

Tom then shared about a Church Life conference to be held in Vienna February 3-4, 2011. This will be the first of three meetings in 2011 to train those interested in Church Life program. (One of those times might be in conjunction with the 2011 FEIC summit to reduce travel costs.) Those interested gave names and e-mail addresses to Tom. For more information or to sign-up for the training, e-mail Tom Manning at: [email protected]


Chuck Stecker
Anchor Points

Many youth have already made the decision to leave church after high school. Many new believers last 6-8 months after being in church.

There is no Biblical basis for passing the baton. It’s a racing term, not Biblical.
Different than passing the mantle of leadership. That’s Biblical.

Sad that we lose what’s in the hearts of seniors.
Every ministry in your church should have clear lines of input.

How do you define spiritual maturity? ‘Although He was a Son, He learned obedience. And
having been made perfect, He became mature.’

…we discern good from evil, courageously act on the good and take responsibility for our decisions.

One of the most important things we can do to draw generations together is to pick something that is external and non-threatening. Movies are great because they cross generational lines. (Example: the film ‘Vantage Point’, which shows the shooting of the President – seven times from different perspective.) (Second Hand Lions is my favorite.)

Talked about Anchor Points
Anchor Points Seminar is a one day seminar for pastors and leadership teams. It is to help them understand the need and the strategies for InterGenerational Ministry in the local church. It includes clear definitions for Spiritual maturity, Cross, Multi and Inter Generational ministry.

From the website:
What you can expect to gain from Anchor Points:
◦ The importance of Strategy versus another Program.
◦ The difference between Multigenerational and Intergenerational ministry.
◦ The role of Mentors and Coaches.
◦ The purpose and value of Rites of Passage.
◦ Spiritual Maturity.
◦ Why the church is lacking in Spiritual Continuity and how we can recapture it.
◦ Why many churches are not making disciples.
◦ Clear Strategies for all ministries to reach all generations.

For more information e-mail Chuck at: [email protected]
Or ‘Training’ at:

Kris Walker shared some music, worship and technical ‘tips’ in the 5:00 session. One of his recommendations was for churches to consider using ‘ProPresenter’ software for worship services. Cost of the program is about $400. Then, he and wife Shannon lead a powerful time of worship.

Kris and Shannon are available to minister at your church through concerts, worship seminars, etc. To learn more about their ministry see:

Terry opened the evening session by sharing the FEIC Summit 2010 Official Video
Jeff Slaughter shared about changes in the European Worship Institute, including the creation of: ‘Focus’, a retreat designed for individual church worship teams; ‘Converge’ a multi-church worship seminar co-organized by EWI and a host church; and the upcoming EWI Worship Camp in 2012 for church worship teams throughout Europe. For more information, e-mail
Jeff at: [email protected]. Note: is currently under construction….visit at your own risk!
Terry & Ruthanne honored speakers, worship leaders and all the meal preparation and transport helpers, thanking them for serving the FEIC Summit 2010 participants.
Chuck Stecker gave the Summit closing message about ‘Rites of Passage’. It was followed by a powerful ministry time in which several participants cane forward to receive ‘The Father’s Blessing’. For more information about ‘Rites of Passage’ see:
and also Chuck’s book ‘Men of Honor and Women of Virtue.’
The conference closed by showing a video assembled by Jeff Slaughter of various photographs taken during the conference. To see this video click here


FEIC Summit 2010
Day 2 Recap
Posted by Jeff Slaughter

Maria from Vienna Christian Center led worship at several sessions throughout the day and did an outstanding job in leading us to the presence of the Lord. Thanks Maria, Gloria and team!

Keith Conley

Shared 8 quality characteristics:

1. Empowering leadership
2. Gift-oriented ministry
3. Passionate spirituality
4. Functional structures
5. Inspiring worship service
6. Holistic small groups
7. Need-oriented evangelism
8. Loving Relationships

Recommended Books

‘2000 Years of Charismatic Christianity’
‘Christianity’ by Eddie L Hyatt

What Keith was taught in Bible-school:

1. Preaching was the most important thing
2. Three points and a poem
3. Worship was ‘filler time’
4. Do Sunday School before church
5. Sunday evening is a 2nd-rate service
6. Wednesday evening is a 3rd rate service
7. Event orientation (fall and spring)

Found A Better Way for Church Development

Through ‘Church Life’ program featuring fifteen vital functions (developed by Wayne Lee and Sherry Lee)

1. Leadership
2. Vision/Mission
3. Spiritual Life
4. Preaching/teaching
5. Worship
6. Assimilation
7. Care/fellowship
8. Small groups
9. Ministries
10. Discipleship
11. Evangelism/missions
12. Public Relations
13. Decision-making
14. Finances
15. Facilities


Chuck Stecker, A Chosen Generation

Shared his story about being in the military with special forces, being stationed in Rome and being discipled by Hoggards and Steve and Patti Gray, working with Promise Keepers and now Chosen Generation. Realized that men/boys were not going through a rite of passage from childhood into manhood.

Our vision is: inter-generational

There are three types of generational terms:

– Cross-Generational: idea, product, concept appeals to more than one generation
– Multi-Generation: event or gathering for more than one age-group – most of our churches are multi.
– Inter-Generational: create programs, strategies to create environment to strengthen relationships.

To order a copy of Chuck’s book: Men of Honor, Women of Virtue

or for more information about this ministry see:


David Wigington

Shared Tuesday morning: In-attentional blindness: What Captures Your Focus?

Opened with this: (

Shared Tuesday evening: Patience and Perseverance

Invited anyone interested to e-mail him for a copy of his teaching notes: [email protected]


Quotes of the Day:

“I did my master’s thesis on church planting and found that churches in America have been in decline for 50 years.” Keith Conley

‘Your focus needs more focus’ – from Karate Kid film clip shown by: David Wigington

‘I’m a patient man but not for very long.” Chuck Stecker

“If you allow critics to get your eyes off the prize, you are the one who loses.: David Wigington


George Flattery:

Presented a new internet ministry website that FEIC members can utilize for ministry. “I hope that you can have a vision to turn your website into a place of ministry and not only a place to advertise your church.”

For more info see websites.


Fran Hume:
Presented information about a future faith-based portal that will serve immigrant language-groups in European countries, helping them to transition into their new cultures.

Monday, October 18, 2010
Daily Summit Report by Jeff Slaughter

The 2010 Annual FEIC Summit began today on the mountaintop in Gutenstein, Austria. Some 60 international church leaders from throughout Europe arrived throughout the day.

First meeting was at 18:00 and let by Network Coordinator Terry Hoggard. Terry shared during the opening session about his desire to see our international churches full of vitality.

“Most of us are much better at measuring ourselves through ‘progress’ and ‘success’,” he said. “Progress answers the question as to whether we are we up or down in numbers and finances. Success is defined as how am I doing based on the competition. Progress and success, while easy to measure don’t give us what we really need.

What we really want to have in regard to our sense of mission is vitality; which I am defining as “our robust, relevant response to God which results in an emerging constantly enlarging Christ presence.”

You can have progress and success and yet not have vitality. And that’s why in some growing, thriving churches, there’s a feeling of emptiness in the house. Something we can’t define but is missing.

Vitality is something we create by a robust, relevant response.

We’re praying for that this week.”

Stats from a British Paper ‘ The Independent’
66% Europeans speak English
More than 300 million speak English and half consider themselves fluent.

An FEIC Network Stat:
11 new churches this year have joined the FEIC network.

Check back tomorrow for more photos and updates!

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September 17th, 2010

September 1st, 2010

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