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Summit Notes
Tuesday October 14, 2014

IMG_3532Session I – Devotional
The Favor of God – The Fog Is Rolling In
By Lynn Wheeler

Daniel 1:9
God has caused the official to show favor and sympathy to Daniel.

I Samuel 2:26
Samuel found favor with God and man.

Told story about a backslidden man who asked God – if you still love me would you send a preacher into my store today? I believe that God orders our steps. That man bought me lunch the next day. Led the man back into right relationship with God. God save, delivered from alcohol. Back with his family and in church.

My prayer is that God would connect us with people like that.

Nebuchnezer – told story about having a dream and needing interpretation.
Astrologers couldn’t do it because the dream came from God. But they told about a man name Daniel. And Daniel got a voice with the King. I’m praying that God will maneuver people so you’ll have a voice into …

Chapter 2: 16 (Daniel)
Daniel asked for time. Favor of God gave Daniel ….before the king.

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