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FEIC Forum
Tuesday, 5:30 pm

IMG_3439Terry Hoggard gave brief update on development of GICN. God has moved mightily over the past year to move GICN forward. Please see full update in FEIC 2014 Summit book. Also,

Goal: Global Gathering in 2015 of all networks.

May 26-28 in Jakarta, Indonesia (Tues-Thursday)

Depth of closeness with this group. Point of establishing GICN was to establish visibility. Going to create a global superhighway. Once you build the road the amount of traffic doesn’t matter. Will go to a completely different level.


Pastor Ed TeoIMG_3442
Hong Kong

Act locally, impact globally

Talked about an event – One People, One City
Most people who leave their home country do so out of trying to better their lives. This can be a challenge trying to minister to these kinds of people.

Raised money (more than 1 million )for Hong Kong charities. One year, 18,000 visitors – Buddhists, etc.
Language pastors hand-delivered to consulate generals. Ask how can I serve?



camp_worship2Jeff Slaughter
European Worship Institute Update

Talked about the European Worship Institute’s ConVerge worship training seminars and Camp Worship 2015. ConVerge seminars have been taught in Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Austria, Italy, Spain, Morocco, Kosovo and Turkey. We partner with host churches who have influence in their regions. We bring the teaching team, the host church promotes and organizes. (We provide a professionally-designed poster that can be printed or e-mailed out.) Also offering first worship camp – four days and five nights of teaching, workshops and encouragement services. Plus fun, food and fellowship! All happening in Brussels at Continental Theological Seminary July 13-17, 2015. More info at:

Church Life Cohort
Meeting lots of churches, so little fruit, so little development.

Church life isn’t a program – it’s a model.
Get to know 15 vital functions of church life.
With plan, comes a coach.

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