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Fix Church, Fix Culture, Fix Politics!

Fix Church, Fix Culture, Fix Politics!

Now there is a progression of thought that is bound to ignite alot of discussion, especially now just after the mid-term elections in America!

Break Point host Chuck Colson recently shared said this on American Family Radio’s, ‘Today’s Issues’, “Our culture is sick. Why is our culture sick? Because the church is the root of culture. ‘Cult’ — that’s what it means; that’s where the word comes from. So what you do is fix the church,” he suggests. “If you fix the church, you’ll fix the culture. If you fix the culture, you’ll fix politics.”


Fix Church, Fix Culture, Fix Politics!

I think all of us would agree that the power of the Gospel has impacted our world thu brave proclamation! We all love the stories of fearless men & women who are courageous enough to share the gospel in challenging, if not dangerous situations! We applaud their efforts and thank God for their impact!

Equally, we understand the importance of bold persuasion! Hearing about people who can fiercely defend the faith & speak convincingly to others is inspiring for us! It is easy to see these intiatives will indeed change the world!

But how about the gift of ‘presence’! The value of just ‘being’ in the world and fleshing out our faith in ordinary ways? Not quite so ‘inspiring’ for many of us, no reason to applaud here … or have we missed something?

Fix church, fix culture, fix politics!

That’s what Chuck said and he is mirroring what the Word of God teaches us!

The Apostle Paul was indeed a brave proclaimer and we do applaud him! He was also quite effective in bold persuasion and we are inspired by his words and approach!

Perhaps these are the two things that made him famous!

However, Paul knew about the gift of presence as well!

According to Acts 20, he invested three years of ‘presence’ in Ephesus where he, ‘never stopped warning each of you night and day with tears’.

He was a spiritual father to Timothy & as inspirational leader to several individuals. He often expressed his desire to be an instructive presence. His words in I Corinthians 11:1 echo that reality, ‘Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ.’

The gift of presence!

Fix Church, Fix Culture, Fix Politics!

I believe this is true and I hope you do as well!

Someone has said that Christ deserves a better church, so we must become better people!

So beginning today we can intentionally offer our gift of presence by offering:

Sincere intercession
Sacrificial investment
Strategic involvement
Significant influence

In doing this the process of hope and change begins!

Fix Church, Fix Culture, Fix Politics!

Mission on … and we need to be all in!!!

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