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Fully Devoted!

This year February is a very special month for me!

First of all … (let me say that again … note caps to emphasize priority)!

FIRST OF ALL … because we will celebrate Valentine’s Day, which is our moment to express our hearts to those we love!

Secondly, (and I mean seriously second) because we enjoyed the Super Bowl which is for some, a very special event!

Now I get it … I love people & I like things, animals & places!

I love my wife & I like football!


I am passionate about both but here is how it works for me.

I am a hopeless romantic!

I write my own little poems for special days and special people, I love giving gifts and sharing expressions of love is very special for me!

I love doing these things for those I love and I love having others do them for me!

I know Ruthanne loves knowing that I love her & she enjoys all the love expressions!

We are fine to here!

I am also a devoted Pittsburgh Steeler fan!

Good times or bad (well we don’t actually do bad) I am … FULLY DEVOTED!

Tough loss for us in this year’s Super Bowl but I remain … FULLY DEVOTED!!

Not sure about next season but I can tell you in advance that I will be … FULLY DEVOTED!!!

I had this all clear in my head … heartfelt expressions for those I love & unswerving devotion to my Steelers!

My categories were great and quite handy for me, but now I know they are flawed!

You see the problem is that Ruthanne values devotion actually more than all the romantic stuff!

So now I am in a little crisis!!

It seems that I have to learn how add demonstrative devotion to my love expressions for those I love!

God gets all my love and all my devotion!
Ruthanne gets all my love and all my devotion!
We are to be ‘fully devoted’ followers of God and marriage partners!!

This is where ‘full devotion’ is merited and required!

As for my Steelers or your ?? … well they get my support but it ends there!

Good thing it’s the offseason so I can work on this!!

FULLY DEVOTED … yes indeed and now with upgraded understanding I will be able to live that out in a way that honors God, blesses the especially loved ones in my life and keeps my Steelers in the proper category!

Anybody else need February to be a learning month!!

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