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Guiding Principles For International Churches

Recently I had a engaging discussion with a few of our FEIC leaders who are a part of the same organization that I am.

We know that every FEIC church/ministry has their own ‘organizational network’ that provides ‘spriritual covering’ as well as a ‘national network’ that provides ‘legal covering’.

In our discussion we talked about several practical issues and I thought they might be of interest to you as well!

We do have the possibility of free exchange on our site so ask questions/engage others, share resources & let’s make each other strong!

Blessings guys!!!

Organizational Structure

1) All of us will need to build great teams that can remain vital & flexible.

2) We need to use every available resource to gather team members.

3) Most of will have leaders serving on 3 different levels & this will grow with us.

  • Pastoral Team – those serving with us in visionary development/oversight
  • Leadership Team – those serving with us in ministry development/oversight
  • Ministry Team – those engaged in serving in the ministries of the church on a regular basis
  • 4) Our churches are only as strong as the leaders in the house, even if we have other support outside the house.

    5) Most of the time our leaders serve a ministry position not a spiritual office (elder/deacon).

    Finish the rest of the article in our Network Resource section.

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