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I Am Seriously Into My Summer Rhythm!

I Am Seriously Into My Summer Rhythm!

I am loving the change of pace! The long dark days of winter have now been replaced by days filled with 16 hours of sunlight!

I am enjoying my special activities and foods! Picnics, bike rides, sun tea & ice cream are now a part of my routine.

I am taking advantage of the special opportunities to be out and about! Road trips, weekend getaways and vacation are much anticipated events now.

I Am Seriously Into My Summer Rhythm!

These are days when we can relax & refresh ourselves … and we need that! We live too many days being pushed by deadlines & crowded agendas. The schedule is full of things we need to do, people we need to meet and places we need to go. Just when it seems that we can not survive, summer comes and we get our reprieve!

I Am Seriously Into My Summer Rhythm!

I have come to understand that there is an oft-overlooked summer reality that begs for our attention! The summer rhythm offers the perfect time for us to experience spiritual renewal! We can take the time to re-prioritize and re-establish our strategic spiritual position!

Paul in Ephesians 4 pleaded with the believers in Ephesus to,’live a life worthy of the calling they had received’. In the next three chapters he urges them to:

  • Stir Passion
  • Shift Perspective
  • Shape Plans

Great counsel for them … and for us!

I Am Seriously Into My Summer Rhythm!

All of it … and I am going to make the most of every moment!!

Hope you are in on this … I really do!!

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