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‘Make Good Choices’!

‘Make Good Choices’

If you are within my ‘global footprint’ then you know that I have identical twin grandsons!

If you are within shouting distance then you know that I have endless ‘Caleb & Luke’ stories and … if you are closer than that then you are screaming, ‘Enough already’!

Kristi & Andrew are amazing parents and they are clearly committed to doing their very best to provide ‘boundaries’ that will keep their little boys safe.

When they ask the boys to do something and Caleb or Luke are slow to respond (big discussion on who they take after in those moments), they say very matter of factly, …
It is amazing to see how effectively this works!

The last time I was with them Caleb was having abit of a day but when his mom looked at him and said the three critical words (you know), he understood that he needed to do what he was being asked to do.

The fact is that our Heavenly Father speaks the same words to us!

In Deuteronomy 30:19 we are urged to ‘Choose life’
In Joshua 24:15 we are challenged to ‘Choose who you will serve’
In Proverbs 8:10 we are told to ‘Choose instruction over silver’
Over and over again we are reminded to …

‘Make Good Choices’!

God is clearly committed to doing His very best to provide ‘boundaries’ that will keep His children safe.

Like Caleb & Luke we are learning to say yes … less reluctantly!

In doing that we find favor … and get fewer ‘time-outs’!!

And that is a very good thing … very good indeed!!

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