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Six Ways To Improve Your Church Bulletin

Ah, the ubiquitous church bulletin. Found virtually in every church lobby or greeter’s hand – the weekly calling card of the church complete with church activity promotions, important dates, sermon notes, scriptures and more.

Ever stop to think that maybe your church bulletin needs an overhaul? If your church produces one, it’s probably the most popular form of communication your church produces. We all know even the most devout glance at the bulletin at some point during the service – whether it’s the worship, the announcements or, yes, even the sermon.

So how is your church bulletin doing? Is it riveting or prone to make one yawn? Think objectively while reading this article and see if it might be time to spice up your church bulletin with some new ideas.

Incidentally, some of the same information can apply to your website and social media accounts as well!

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