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October 12

1730: Forum

Larry welcomed everyone and gave some opening announcements.

Everyone introduced themselves, encouraged to find someone they don’t know and get to know each other, followed by dinner.

2030: Summit Gathering: Larry Henderson

Jacob Bloemberg will be speaking as well – even though he’s not in the Summit Book.

Want to share some things about FEIC.

How do we act locally to where God has called us but still have a global impact?

In Summit book, Jeff wrote questions that some of you answered. Be sure to look at those this week.

How we started FEIC

In 2004 it became difficult to reach out to internationals because there were so many questions about what international church (IC) ministry is. We began to craft specific language to define who we were and what we were doing.

Our national partners said we were welcome to lead worship and pray, but not have a service. Many times IC’s were born out of reluctance or resistance to lead an IC, but never out of rebellion. God has helped us to keep peace with the national churches.

From that we began to frame some of our mission statement, core values.

  • A relational network was initiated in 2004

“We began to see places – gateway cities – where we could have a broader presence.”


  • Our network churches are a tapestry of cultures and traditions, races and people groups, languages and nationalities united under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

“Diversity surrendered becomes supernatural. We don’t celebrate cultures because it’s limiting. We celebrate diversity. When we bring this to the cross and surrender to God, God raises something supernatural.”

  • Currently comprised of 72 primary churches that are located in 39 different nations.

“We’re continuing to plant churches. Josh and Becca Jones are starting a church in Milan and we want to help them. David and Carmi Buckley started a church in Budapest. The Hales have planted a church in Prague. Baum’s have planted churches in Canaries and turned them over. There’s a new church in Serbia. One of reasons we have the guys from Asia here is that we are excited about learning what is happening there. From both sides we’re able to share things and help other continents to see networks strengthened.”

  • To accelerate the work of the Gospel among Europe’s diverse international population.
  • What we do: (see websites)

Current International ministry expressions:

* New international churches are being planted in gateway cities.

* Existing churches are experiencing significant growth and revitalizations.

* National churches are strategically engaging in international ministry

* Refugee challenges –  this is affecting so many of us. We’re seeing policies changing, etc.

A national church with an international initiative.

The national church is clearly intentional about wanting to include internationals.

A national church with an international context.

The national church willfully determines to internationalize the whole context of their services/ministries/activities. (Example: Malmo)

A national church with an international expression. 

The national church openly encourages the development of an international congregation and celebrates its success. (Example: Copenhagen)

This is where we’ve come from and what we’re looking at over the next few years in Europe.

What are we dreaming about?

Global International Church Network

Visit our website:

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