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Terry Hoggard

Brief history of origin of GICN.

Leaders of six regions – AGWM – intending to plant 100 new international churches over the next five years.

When we start, I think we’ll be surprised in how much ‘lift’ there will be in strategic international church planting. This network will grow and we’ll see strategic network development throughout the world.

2014: We connected with Edmound – had long-term relationship with MICN.

Warren Reeve heard God say, ‘facilitate creation of international church network.’  Several of them are with us today. We aren’t working competitively but cooperatively. When it comes to establishing a glocal church for a global world, together.

Next year in Hong Kong – the whole point is networking with networks. MICN, China International Fellowship; FEIC, GICN = create something that will provide a platform for presenting to the church the idea of a global church for a global world.

Make plans to be in Hong Kong April 11-14. Os Guiness, Ravi Zacharia will be two featured speakers.

Ken: Lausanne – Global Diaspora Network; International Student Ministries;

Terry: if you have supporting pastors; invite them to come with you as well. It will be a historic gathering. I believe other groups will pin their language.

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