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Session 3:  Warren Reeve, Kuwait

Unleashing the Great Commission through the International Church

Acts 13:1-5

Larry said Monday night that: FEIC has grown out of resistance and reluctance

Let’s look at a little of the background of the church in Antioch.

English is being used and learned all over the world.  Same was happening in Antioch with Greek.

Who is Barnabas? A man of grace and filled with the Holy Spirit.

Do you have any Sauls in your church? (People who are on their way to the Kingdom.) Simeon (maybe from Africa); Lucius of Syria; Manean – nobility.

Part of the IC is finding influencers, bringing them to the Lord, letting them use their positions of influence for the glory of God.  Figure out how to reach them, how to equip them so they can reach people in their spheres of influence.

“Set apart for me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them.”

When we rub shoulders with someone, we learn from each other.




Sent out with prayer, resources and people to do the job.

How are you thinking about reaching local people? What is God up to when these people are moving around? Each church is like a solar-powered light – all drawing light from the same Son – drawing up the light. Heard of churches that have so many resources, they are doing this kind of thing.  What does yours look like? What are you lighting up?

IC churches around the world are making an invaluable contribution to the church.

You’ve been called to an intersection where lights are red, yellow and green. Where multiculturalism, races, nations meets in an intersection where people would otherwise collide. Where people are scattering all over the world.  There are nearly 1 billion expats all over the world. Another 700 million are internally displace. 1 in 8 are away from home. We stand in the middle of the intersection with lights turning red, yellow, green – responsibile to tell people to turn left, go straight, etc.

I believed we are called to help people meet Jesus in this intersection.

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