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Warren Reeves has served in pastoral ministry for 32 years in Canada, the United States, Indonesia and Kuwait.

His first international church pastoral assignment was at Bandung International Church in Indonesia from 1998 through 2009.

He joined the staff of Lighthouse Church in Kuwait in 2010 and was named senior pastor in 2012.

Lighthouse is the registered official English Language Congregation in Kuwait and offers 10 English services in five locations on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The church sponsors eighteen national partner churches.

Reeves also serves as the vice president of the National Evangelical Church of Kuwait, an organization of 87 churches.


Q: What do you feel are the biggest challenges facing international churches today?

1. Tribalism

2. Denominationalism

3. Transferred Leadership vs Contextualized Leadership

4.  Pastors that do not know the five fold ministry leadership according to Ephesians.

5.  Lack of training for IC Pastors ….. we are a hybrid…not missionaries but not fully Pastors either…..It is a new calling.

6.  Lack of Denominational support.

Q: What do think are the biggest opportunities for international churches today?

The International Church is the intersection of the Global Diaspora. One in every eight people on the planet are away from home. 300,000,000 are out of country. 700,000,000 are internally displaced. That means that wondering around the earth are people scattered that need to be gathered, colliding that need to be collecting. Acts 13:1-3 is the biblical narrative that inspires the story of the missional international church. Opportunity abounds!

Q: How do you believe that organizations like the Fellowship of European International Churches and the Global International Church Network can help the international church movement today?

Continue in the attitude of humility that the question comes from. Lets learn together.

Remain teachable.

Avoid Denominationalism

Link arms with Global Church for a Global World

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