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Time To Reboot

Computer problems drive me nuts!

I expect my computer to perform, respond to the commands and get things done for me!

When it does not work as expected … I fiddle with it a bit but my mind is fixed on one thing …

Time To Reboot!

I assume my computer needs a break … time to cool off, slow down and reconfigure itself!

Honestly, I do not exactly sure what happens when you ‘reboot’ … but this is my best guess!

What I do know is that I need time to reboot … and seemingly all of us have been ‘wired’ for that as well!

Time To Reboot!

We are constantly reminded of our need to not become weary, to discover places of rest and to seek renewal!

The summer months afford us this opportunity!

The pace is more laid back, the days are longer and the noise around us lessens!

Perfect environment for us … so use this summer as a …

Time To Reboot!

Good for my MAC, good for me and good for you!


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