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Watch, Write & Wait by Greg Mundis

Greg Mundis, executive director of Assemblies of God World Missions (AGWM), shared a message at the Global International Church Summit on Wednesday.

Greg and wife Sandie have hearts for international church ministry, having co-founded and pastored Vienna Christian Center in Vienna, Austria. The church has since grown into a flourishing congregation of more than 1,800 people meeting in several locations throughout the city.

As executive director of AGWM, Greg Mundis provides leadership for 2,708 AG missionaries and associates serving in 252 countries, territories and provinces.

Greg started his message with some background about he and his wife Sandi became involved in international church ministry:

“We weren’t called to go to Europe to be a part of an international church. We worked for seven years with the national church in Vienna. But there was a woman there who had a vision for an international church and we partnered with fellow missionaries to plant one.

There was a market niche for Sunday night service in Vienna as there were no Sunday night services. Three of us missionary couples started a church – one of us preached, one led worship, and one prayed. That night, two of our children were baptized in the Holy Spirit.”

Then he launched into his sermon topic, which was addressed to international church pastors.

Three Words For International Church Pastors
I have three words for today: Watch, Write and Wait.


We are watchmen – people who are diligent to watch. We should know our city, trends, demographics and be observant of what is going on. In the OT, watchmen were used to build the walls in Nehemiah’s time. I believe as leaders of the flock, we not only need to build, but we need to build the church of Jesus Christ with a sword in our hand. Because we are in a hostile environment.

We need to raise the Biblical standard for the Kingdom of God, truth. Above all, keep your heart protected and the hearts of your family, children, flock.

Understand that what you do will affect the generations to follow.

God said, ‘In the last days I will pour out my Spirit.’ I don’t know any greater time in world history that God has poured out his Spirit.

We need to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Surrendering, being in touch with the Holy Spirit. One of our first duties is to love Jesus with our whole heart and soul.

We also need to have a renewed passion for the return of the Lord.
We need to observe global events in the light of prophecy. Bring in the harvest. Protect the harvest from the predators. When people have a religious experience, it’s so easy for a sect/cult to come along and stamp it out or twist it.


Habbukuk calls us to write down the Revelation.

God orchestrates history. History of nations, personal histories. It’s not like it’s pre-written. He’s letting you write your history. You can write a new page. ‘Write down the revelation’.


If God isn’t going ahead of us like Moses with the children of Israel we’re in trouble.

If it’s really God, wait. Wait until God aligns history, your life, circumstances. He’s always at work – no matter where we are in the timelines of our lives – there’s a moment when we seize the day. And we have to be spiritually tuned to do that.

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