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2020 FEIC Summit Videos

Wow! It was so great to be together last week in our 2020 Virtual SUMMIT!

I was amazed at how personal the SUMMIT really was. We’ve all been on video calls over the last 6 months and experienced ZOOM fatigue but our strong relational connections really made the SUMMIT personal.

Thank you! Thank you for being a part of this great FEIC family and for the way you intentionally invest in each other. We love it!

We want to express special thanks to our guest speakers Rod Loy, John and Brandi Carrano as well as all our breakout session speakers – Cara Tyler, Pat and Brenda Mahar, Ariel Rainey, Jason Brown, Kay Farmer and Paul Traver.

Thank you for your preparation and investment in us.

All of the videos from each session have been uploaded to our website under “2020 FEIC SUMMIT.” Click here to go there.

Finally, I want to express thanks to Melinda for leading our Women’s Connect time and our collective appreciation to Kerri for all her work to serve us.

We’re praying for you and your team this week! Let’s stay connected.


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