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A Little Motivational Push

Mac Anderson who founded, ‘Simple Truths’ is an amazing inspirational leader!

Thru his business he recently promoted a book entitiled ‘Finish Strong’, by Dan Green which is making national news in America this week!

Do you know why?

In the spring of 2009, Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints adopted this as their battle cry. Their goal, after 41 long years, was to make it to the Super Bowl.

And guess what…it happened!

Against all odds they not only played in their first Super Bowl championship … THEY WON!!!

For the first time in their franchise history they became … SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS!!

Their motivational mantra for this year was, ‘FINISH STRONG’ and they did just that!!

The lessons to be learned are many …

The power of a positive winning attitude
The importance of playing together as a team
The necessitiy of paying the price to reach your goal
It works … in sports, in business and in life!

It is our turn to be champions now … in our faith as well!!

By developing a proper attiude and outlook, which in the end deteremines who we are and what we will do!
By believing the Bible which promises all power, to do all things!
By reminding ourselves that with Him all things are possible!
It is our turn now to be champions … in the most important arena of life?

Are you ready to win big?

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