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Destined Steps/Discerning Sensitivity

The beginning of the new year provides us with the opportunity to set new rhythms, seek new levels of relationship with God and serve new realities … or not!!

Right now that decision is being made by the choices we are making.

Good intentions are lovely … great initiatives are life-changing.

Destined Steps/Discerning Sensitivity – define for us the solid foundation that we have for our confidence and our commitment.

We can live every day day knowing that life is not random, but rather every moment is ordained and ordered by our loving, wise God. He will enable us to take ‘destined steps’ that lead us to a bright future that He has prepared for us.

Step by ‘destined step’ we walk into the fullness of that!

We can also live every day knowing that we need to develop ‘discerning sensitivity’ which will allow us to know the plans that God has for us and enable us to walk in the paths that He has prepared for us.

‘Discerning Sensitivity’ – a daily call and commitment to honor!

Destined Steps/Discerning Sensitivity – this is the mandate we want to passionately pursue and put into practice every day of 2010.

Firm steps, taken because we have a focused heart, do indeed assure us that this will be one fantastic year.

I, for one, am ready for that … how about you?

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