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In My Place … And Ready To Serve!

We are just hours away now from the beginning of a new year which is always an exciting time for us!

Like many people we will spend the last moments of 2009 and the first moments of 2010 in prayer.

This year Ruthanne and I will spend that time together in Brussels Christian Center.

This is always a time of reflection and renewal, when we remember all that God has done for us and reaffirm our desire to walk in covenant relationship with Him.

I always seek to have a specific point of focus, a significant priority, something that will lead me into a more strategic pursuit of God in the new year!

Presently, I am compelled with this thought …

In My Place … And Ready To Serve!

The fact is that this year is special for more than one reason.

2010 is not just the beginning of a new year, it is the beginning of a new decade!

It is hard to believe that the first decade of our new millennium is now behind us!

Do you remember 1999 as easily as I do!

Everyone around me seemed to be caught up in Y2K!

People were battling several troubling questions!

  • What will happen to our computers?
  • How will everything controlled by computers be affected?
  • Do we need to prepare in some way?

I mean that was the dominating discussion …  the center of most of the debate!

The fact is … there was no Y2K!!

All our preoccupation … and nothing!

In reality, the greatest challenges of the last decade never made it into the press or the public forum in 1999.

The experts missed it and that is concerning.

More importantly we, the church missed it and that is … tragic!

In an hour of transition and shift … we missed it completely!

It seems that what our world needs now more than ever is for us as the people of God to be able to offer:

  • Accurate Discernment – to truly perceive what is going on
  • Acceptable Development – to help people prepare for spiritual success
  • Appropriate Direction – to show people a new and living way

More than ever before I need to be …

In My Place … And Ready To Serve!

To be willing to stand up, speak up and show someone the way!

To be willing to serve God’s purposes to my generation!

To be able to hear what the Spirit is saying!

To be …

In My Place … And Ready To Serve!

The time is now … places everyone!

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