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Be A Connector

When FEIC began in 2004 we clearly knew our mandate and we laid out a clear path that would allow us to fulfill our mission.

In fact, if you go to and click on ‘About Us’ you will see all of that information!

In our 10-year plan (on About Us/Resources) we are committed to a 5-step development plan that will take us from initiation to influence!

We want to give FEIC away!!

To share our strength, to resource freely and to encourage others!

I so much want to see FEIC doing all of this!

I want to encourage you to engage with me in making that possible … and to do that I need you to …

‘Be A Connector’

Anne McAuley defines ‘connectors’ in this way,

Connectors love people and the stories of those people. They meet someone else and say, “Oh I know someone who needs what you have.” Connectors introduce those people and walk away; the Connector doesn’t have a vested interest in the project of the connectees. (McAuley Freelance Writing)

Unselfish, unrewarded and almost unnoticed …. sound familiar?

I hope so!!

These are the same outstanding qualities that mark a true Christ-follower!

In building and blessing others we build His kingdom and bless the heart of God!

Now more than ever we need to do all we can to be faithful to our mandate and to fulfill our mission!

These are great days for FEIC and together we can redeem all that God has prepared for us!

‘Be A Connector’

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