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Living for Eternity

This week Melinda and I have had the great privilege of returning to the Canary Islands where we served in missions for almost 10 years. It brought back so many memories and reminded us of God's great faithfulness to all…

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As IC pastors and leaders, we invest incredible amounts of time, focus, and energy so that others can receive and grow. It's so important that we not become so busy IN ministry that we don’t take time ourselves to RECEIVE…

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He Is Risen!

I love Easter weekend! It's one of the greatest attended weekends in the year but it's more than a ministry opportunity - it's the heart of our Gospel message. Jesus died and 3 days later He really rose again! Easter…

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Be A Connector

When FEIC began in 2004 we clearly knew our mandate and we laid out a clear path that would allow us to fulfill our mission. In fact, if you go to and click on 'About Us' you will see all of that information!
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FEIC FLASHNote is intended to be a quick weekly connection that focuses on one of our three network values - supportive relationships, sharing of resources or strategic renewal! Initiate Initiative - It's Not Just Playing With Words! I love words! Crating catchy…

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