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Thinking About Home!!!

FEICĀ FLASHNote is intended to be a quick weekly connection that focuses on one of our three network values – supportive relationships, sharing of resources or strategic renewal!

Thinking About Home!!

As the Christmas season draws near we need to be increasingly attentive to our people and their need to experience ‘home’!

Being away from family, friends and familar culture is especially challenging at Christmas time!

People will be …

Thinking About Home!!

Proverbs 25:25 says, ‘As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country’.

In Barne’s Notes on the Bible this verse is expressed in this way, ‘The craving of wanderers for news from the home that they have left is as a consuming thirst, the news that quenches it as a refreshing fountain’.

I love that!

I want to encourage you to find ways to help your people connect with and celebrate their Christams traditions but also the traditions of other cultures!

Be intentional about promoting this possiblility!

  • Ask questions that allow people to talk about home and at the same time give new information as to how other cultures celebrate as well!
  • Allow people to share their Christmas moments and memories!
  • Anticipate the felt need and prepare in adavnce for all of this to happen!

The more we do this the more we will be like ‘cold water to thirsty souls!’

Christmas is a time for …

Thinking About Home!!

Recognize that, reach out to others based on that and recieve them warmly into your fellowship!

That will make this the happiest Christmas of all!

– Terry –

** My grandson & best buddy is making it literally impossible for me to resist him!! Our little boys are amazing!!


As promised, we will present again the initiatives that are available to you because you are a part of our FEIC network.

As a part of my SUMMIT presentation I shared with you all of the existing initiatives as well as all the new ones that we have on offer!

You can see that presentation at:

It is clear that:

Only you know what has value!
Only you know how it will have value!
Only you know when it will have value!

I will help you in any way I can! Those who lead the initiatives that we presented to you will do the same but in the end … it’s all about you … and God … getting it right!

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