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Shared Moments – FLASHNote

FEIC FLASHNote is intended to be a quick weekly connection that focuses on one of our three network values – supportive relationships, sharing of resources or strategic renewal

Shared Moments

I love sharing life & ministry with others! In fact, I often write that very phrase in my emails to you!

The fact is that making memories together deepens our relational connection. That is why I love being a part of special events and finding ways for us to be together!

If we in FEIC are good at anything we are good at shared moments!

Tomorrow is a ‘red-letter’ day in our family history and I want it to be a shared moment with you!

On June 16th, 1986 we began our ministry as missionaries to Europe.

When we landed in Rome on that hot June day Ruthanne & I had Kari (age 10) & Kristi (age 8) in hand, 17 checked bags & 4 carry-ons. Oh yeah … also 2 Cabbage Patch dolls (I have the photos for verification)!

We had no idea then that we would still be in Europe 25 years later … but here we are!

Along the way we had the joy of …

  • Serving almost 10 years in Rome where we, working with an amazing team that just ‘came together’, planted International Christian Fellowship!
    • Being asked to pastor Brussels Christian Center and enjoying almost a decade of incredible growth & opportunity with this great church.
    • Accepting the mandate to launch what is now FEIC and seeing that grow to a network of 46 churches in 23 European nations.
    • Joining the pastoral team of Europaporten in Malmo as International Pastor and seeing 10 language fellowships develop. … with #11 in the wings!

What a journey … and plenty of shared moments!

I am thankful for every shared moment that we have enjoyed together!

You have been written into the pages of our life story and greater still, you have been etched into the deepest part of our hearts!

You can understand why I am urging to find the joy I have found in ‘sharing life & ministry with others!

Shared Moments …. making memories, marking the moment … that is what draws us close, touches us deep and makes our connection strong!


Do you have something to celebrate or a burden to share

Our commitment in FEIC is to provide supportive relationships that provide meaningful connection!

We want be there with you when celebrate and be there for you when challenges come!

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