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Behind The Mixer – A Web Resource for Your Sound Team


Here’s are just some of the useful, helpful, and sometimes humorous stuff you will find on this site;

1. Tons of Articles

There are a lot of articles on this site, so here are a few of the more popular articles across topics.

2. Products
There are products available throughout this site either in the form of book & gear recommendations or my own product, Audio Essentials for Church Sound. It’s over 330 pages of clear, concise, and complete information on running sound and doing it in the church environment.

3. An Easy Way to Get The Latest Updates

I post up about two-three articles a week. However, if you are anything like me, you check a ton of web sites and it’s so easy to forget a few sites and the next thing you know, you’re missing great articles. For this reason, you can subscribe to my email list.

“I must say that your site is truly amazing. I learned part of sound from a local professional, part from being thrown onto the mixer, and the rest from reading your posts. Keep up the great work!” – Spencer

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