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Featured FEIC Partner: Convoy of Hope Europe

Community: Berane, Montenegro
Adopted by: King’s Community Church, Aberdeen, Scotland
Duration: 2010-2015

Berane is located on the Lim River in North-East Montenegro and is very isolated as it is a treacherous 4-hour drive from the state capital of Podgorica. It has a population of 11,700 but is the center of a municipality with a population of 35,000 people and an unemployment rate of 95%. The Republic of Montenegro has a population of just over 600,000, but at present, only three Evangelical churches exist in the whole nation with a total of 130 believers.

Convoy of Hope Europe has partnered with Kings Community Church, Aberdeen, Scotland in several projects in and around Berane working mainly to make a difference in the refugee community. Over the past couple years, COHEU and King’s Community have worked to establish functional toilet, shower and laundry facilities in the refugee camps to greatly ameliorate the hygienic conditions. We have also had distribution of food, clothing and pharmaceutical and school supplies, as well as giving free medical and dental checkups.


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