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How Your Church Can Use Instagram

Instagram, a social media photo application skyrocketing in popularity, can help your church tell its story. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then Instagram is a powerful way to communicate your church's vision, report news and promote events.…

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10 Practices To Welcome Church Visitors

According to a Barna Research survey of people looking for a church, 71% of the survey participants reported that “Friendliness to Visitors” is extremely important. If your church needs some help in making visitors feel more welcome, check out this…

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How To Build Successful Teams

A winning sports team doesn't get there by accident. It takes hard work, strategy and practice to get from summer camp to the Super Bowl. How about your team? Are you where you want them to be? If not, take…

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Sound Doctrine

Church sound technicians are invaluable to the worship service. EQ’ing vocals, eliminating feedback, and working with musicians are just a few of the challenges sound techs face week to week. We've found a great resource for sound techs to sharpen…

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