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‘Challenges Always Come With Choices’

‘Challenges Always Come With Choices’

I think most of us learn early on that life, all by itself, can be a challenge!

The issues we have to face, the battles we have to fight and the things we have to fear are overwhelming at times!

But in it all we now that …’Challenges Always Come With Choices’

We get to decide how we will respond and generally … challenges either produce crisis or they promote creativity!

If we allow the challenges to overwhelm us we are headed for crisis!

The ‘gloom, despair and agony on me’ syndrome comes over us and we are buried!

There is another option you know because … ‘Challenges Always Come With Choices’

Challenges can also promote creativity … so rather than giving up we actually kick in!!

We take on the challenge, see possibilities rather than problems, we craft ‘solutions for success’ rather than ‘excuses for failure’ and push through rather than pull back!

I can assure that seeking to be creative is far more difficult than staying in crisis … but it is also more productive in every way!

‘Challenges Always Come With Choices’

It is important that we make the right choice when given the chance … so decide right now what you are going to do!

As for me … I am deciding to kick in, take on and push through!!

Remember I said this … and in the time of challenge remind me of this decision!

”Challenges Always Come With Choices’ … always remember that!!

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