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‘Can You Over Communicate’

FEIC FLASHNote is intended to be a quick weekly connection that focuses on one of our three network values – supportive relationships, sharing of resources or strategic renewal!****

Can You ‘Over Communicate?’

Before some of you scream, ‘YES … and Terry you are guilty’ …

Think with me!

IF communication is focused, meaningful and sincere … then it is always timely!

Therein lies our challenge … to learn how to identify those points!

Communication is the most effective way to promote community, provide consistency in our message and prioritize our commonly shared values.

Paul Watzlawick said, “One cannot not communicate.”

In most team environments the challenge is lack of communication!

So … communicate, communicate, communicate. Do it often and keep it positive, but honest.

With great communication in place we can address any issue, resolve any conflict and more successfully achieve our mission!

We do have to get it right … but we do have to communicate!!

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