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What does FEIC mean to you…

“What does FEIC  mean to you?”

I most value the fellowship with others who are working in the same kinds of ministry: international churches in Europe. The reason why is simple: International Church planting is unique! Planting national churches is one thing… the international and often bilingual aspect is something special!

Mark G. Baumgartner
Calvary Assembly International Church

“We value the insights and ideas that we can offer one another as we all go through the different ‘stages’ of a church plant. We are all faced with basically the same situations and we can share invaluable information with one another that ‘add years’ to our lives by preventing avoidable scenarios and allow for greater and more accelerated growth.”

Kent Linnewah, Damascus Road International Church
Maastricht. The Netherlands

“I appreciate and am encouraged by the passion of the leaders in the FEIC network to interact and serve people in an international/multicultural context as the cities of Europe are becoming more and more multi-mosaic. Terry’s love and commitment to this cause is a good inspiration for us.”
– Christi Speranta, Bucharest International Church

“We value most all the great relationships we have made. Through those relationships, we have been able to share common experiences and help each other in various ways.”
– Steve & Patti Gray
International Christian Fellowship
Padova, Italy

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