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Diversity Surrendered

I was talking with one of our pastors today about how we continually experience culture shock in International Church ministry! It’s true.

No matter how long you’ve served in a diverse ministry community, there is always more to learn as we converge together in cities all across Europe.

We say all the time that our greatest strength is our diversity and our greatest challenge is our diversity.

So, how can we thrive in ministry and lead multi-lingual, multi-national, multi-generational churches across Europe?

Tim Elmore writes about principles for Millennials that I think help us answer this question:

1. Communicate the bigger picture vision.
People need to see why working together helps us go farther and do more. Keep reminding them of the advantages of the bigger vision and what we can do together.

2. Provide time to go deep with each other.
It’s amazing how our relationships grow when we spend time together. Maybe you’ve always done your services, meetings and retreats the same way but mix it up; create opportunities for people to spend relational time and go deep together.

3. Remind them of their common opposition.
We all have to remember that the devil will use anything to divide us – politics, racism, prejudices, etc… This may be a hinderance for the world but not for the church. Satan is our enemy but he can never stop us when we live out our values of unity and loving one another.

4. Demonstrate how each one complements the others.
Everyone has a part. Everyone is valued and a vital part of the Body. Let’s celebrate that and watch how our diversity surrendered becomes supernatural for the glory of God!

We’re praying for you this week!


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