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FEIC Summit Session Notes

2011 FEIC Summit
Monday, October 17-Thursday, October 20
VCC Retreat Center
Mariahilfberg 15
2770 Gutenstein AUSTRIA

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Kick-Off Session

Speaker: Terry Hoggard
Session Title: Diversity Unified

Download PDF: Diversity Unified


Session I

Speaker: Lars Due-Christensen, Author of the book “Marathonology – Facing Life and Finding Your Rhythm”
Session Focus: Spoke about this recovery program he developed (Marathonology) inspired by the 12 steps traditionally used by Alcoholics Anonymous

Main Points Shared:

  • Developed program out of personal experience. “I realized I was more and more tired. Busy schedule, but felt that wasn’t making me tired. Marriage was fine. Church was fine. Through a process of prayer and contemplation, I realized I needed help to overcome some deep issues within my life. The roots of what had been growing in my life were too deep for me to deal with. I knew I needed help.”
  • Discovered the 12-step program, began to find restoration, and then felt lead to help others who also were struggling. Gathered team to develop a program inspired by the 12-step program.
  • Steps 1-3: restoring your relationship to God; Steps 4-5: honesty, integrity and openness; Steps 6-7: Confessions to God, yourself and to someone else; Steps 8-12: answer how to integrate the program into your life.
  • I was looking for a tool that would work in a European setting by nationals/internationals, Christians/non-Christians.
  • Strong testimonies received. We’ve had 8 courses in Copenhagen. Our last group for example had 10 men. 4 unchurched people, people who had been Christians for 30 years, a high-ranking police officer, a drug abuser, businessmen, unemployed people. One person said, ‘Jesus used to be part of my Sunday life. Now He is part of my daily life.’
  • These are practical ways of dealing with the stuff we preach on Sundays. Tired of seeing people come to altar calls with the same issues time after time.
  • We meet weekly. Eat together. Teach about the current step. Share testimonies. Have group setting/discussions.
  • Life is a marathon – not a sprint but a marathon, thus the title of the program and book ‘Marathnology’.

E-mail Lars for more info at: [email protected]

Download Slide: Download Slide


Session II

Speaker: Terry Hoggard, Director of FEIC Network
Session Focus: FEIC Initiatives – Resources and organizations that FEIC network members can access.

Download: 2010-2011 Initiatives and 2011-2012 Initiatives


Session III

Speaker: Curtis Thomassen
Focus: Using The Fire Bible As A Study Tool
Availability: The Fire Bible is available in Brussels, currently in up to 12 languages including student Bibles and children’s Bibles. The current shipment includes Fire Bibles available in several African languages. E-mail Gerald Branum in Brussels for details.

* Fire Bible has been translated in 35+ languages and continues to be translated.
* Go to: and click ‘Fire Bible’ ror more information including:
– Free Fire Bible Guide
– List of languages Fire Bible is published in
* Footnotes have lots of information in easy-to-understand language.

See attachments for full notes shared by Curtis and language/price list of Fire Bibles available in Brussels from Gerald Branum.

Fire Bibles Price List 2011 CURRENT


Session IV

Speaker: Al Perna
Al Perna, with Assemblies of God Military Ministries Europe (AGMM) shared a brief encouraging word from the Bible and then shared about his ministry with American military
churches. Al shared testimonies about people who are being won to Christ through military church ministry. AGMM was started in post-war years by a missionary who saw the spiritual needs of American soldiers. He started meeting them on the street. The ministry started its first retreat in 1956 and just celebrated their 55th retreat.

Al began his session by sharing a brief message entitled ‘In The Box’. See Al’s powerpoint for his sermon notes.

See the attachment for Al’s presentation of AGMM. Also see the website:

Download: Powerpoint


Session V

Speaker: Andreas Kisslinger
Session focus: Andreas presented an opportunity for FEIC members to participate in an internet TV program. More info is available at


Session VI

Speaker: Bryan Grisham, Executive Pastor of Worship & Missions, Calvary Church, Shreveport
Session Focus: Diversity in Worship & Becoming the Worshiper God Seeks

Bryan opened his session by bringing in a beautiful bouquet of flowers and handing each of the ladies a different flower. He then proceeded to talk about diversity in worship and in the church using the concept of creation as a sermon illustration.

Download: ‘Becoming the Worshiper God Seeks’


Session VII

Speaker: Mike Harper
Focus: The Greatness of God

Without speaking to each other on Wednesday, worship leader Bryan Grisham prepared his worship set on ‘The Greatness of God’ while speaker Mike Harper planned his sermon on the same subject! Mike spoke about the greatness of God and then lead Summit participants in prayers and encouraged them to hear from God and to share what they heard. A powerful closing to a powerful week.

Download: The Greatness of God 2

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