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It only takes a spark!!

by Terry Hoggard

In my family we share a twisted genetic link!

We are known to suddenly launch into singing a song that randomly pops into our heads … and we sing the same phrase over & over … until someone shouts at us or … a new song pops up!

Well … this week I found myself singing …
It only takes a spark!!

This song was written in 1969 by Texan Baptist musician Kurt Kaiser and it actually became his signature song!

It was a favorite for summer camps, bonfires and youth group sing-alongs!!

Now if you have heard the song then you know that it’s quite a catchy tune!

If you have not heard it … well I am giving you a real opportunity here!!

Have listen, take a quick trip back into the ’70’s … have a little giggle … and sing along … with Evie!!

It only takes a spark!!

Actually, I think the reason this song came to mind is because last week I was powerfully reminded of just how much a ‘little spark’ can accomplish!

A friend who is fighting hard to re-establish his life called to say how much he appreciated all that I was doing for him! Little things really but they meant so much to him!

Also, I was a part of a CTN network call where the discussion centered around taking on a new project that would give real help & encouragement to one of our missionary colleagues!

It was just a little phone conversation … but did it ever have impact!

A kind word, a helping hand, a little sacrifice …

It only takes a spark!!

Maybe that little tune spinning in my head is a good thing after all?

Maybe … but I am pretty sure those who have been hearing it over & over again will NOT agree!!

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