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Let’s Be The Church

Recently I’ve been discussing with several pastors about how we define our ecclesiology in Europe as IC’s.

What distinguishes us as The Church? What should The Church look like in today’s Europe?
I want to share a few words that Tim Elmore uses to describe how we should engage with Millennials and apply them to our context.

We should be:

1. Creative
Mark Batterson says “there are ways of doing church we have not thought of yet.” It’s true! We do not have to be defined by one style or tradition rather let God use our gift of diversity to creatively preach the Gospel and make a major spiritual impact in today’s secular Europe.
Question: How can you introduce more creativity in your communication?

2. Relevant
The Gospel message is timely and timeless. It feels like something new, but it reveals something ancient that we all need. It addresses your need right now. People want to engage with something that makes a difference in their life today so let’s be relevant.
Question: How can you convince people in your city that you understand their world?

3. Authentic
Let’s live out of what’s inside. It must feel real, not contrived or forced. People are tired of feeling like we’re selling them something. God will give us unique opportunities to engage in authentic ways to reveal who Jesus really is.
Question: How can we be more authentic in our message?

4. Valuable
We still have the greatest message of hope in a continent full of need! Jesus values people! The Gospel still works! In a day where so many things in life lose value, may the church add value and validity to people that Jesus died for.

Question: How can you add value in every interaction with people God connects us with?

We pray you have a powerful weekend of ministry!!

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