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Margins…. again!

You may have noticed but I have spoken on the theme of “margins” several times over the last year. Part of the reason is because of it’s great importance and part of the reason is because I need to do better.

I recently read a great example of how margins help us with perspective and compassion.

A number of neuro-scientific experiments have been conducted, where brains were scanned to study how empathy emerges. Neuroscientists remind us that empathy is taken from two roots:

Em – to be within
Pathos – to feel or suffer with

Research tells us in order to feel compassion for others, we need margins in our day.

In other words, if our schedules are absolutely maxed out, our brains are fully stimulated. We play defense all the time and have no emotional space to feel with or for others.

Margin-less lives leads to survival mode.

I’m not suggesting we change everything rather that we do write in some “white space” in our lives… not only for ourselves, but for others God has called us to.

We’re praying for you and your family this weekend!


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