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Moving Forward

I recently read an article by Tim Elmore regarding change. We’re all familiar with change but Tim asked a great question that made me stop and reflect: “How do we distinguish between changes that represent mere drifting and change that leads us forward?”

All of us want our life to count but the reality is many times we create sideways energy that never really moves us forward.

Here’s two simple thoughts to help us embrace change and keep moving forward:

All progress requires change but not all change means progress.

We cannot always assume that change for change sake is always good. We must discern what is “different” and what “makes a difference.”

If we’re not intentional, change can just become drifting rather than making progress.

Our culture teaches us to drift toward whatever is easier and faster but intentionality keeps us focused to move forward. Drifting happens when we have no rudder on the ship so we must continue to stay true to our vision that will push us forward.

IC ministry can keep us spinning but let’s spend some to talk about our progress and really ask God to help us discern what makes a difference for eternity.

We’re praying for you and with you this weekend as we keep moving forward together!


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