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Have you ever felt like this guy? The truth is we all do!

Tim Elmore suggests that there are two essential ingredients that every leader needs: problems and empowerment.

When you think about it, it’s true. Great leaders emerge from problematic contexts. When we have to make tough decisions in real time, it grows our leadership competencies.

In other words, comfort does not cultivate leaders — problems do. Crisis and chaos in our international context can provide opportunities for tangible leadership development.

If all we do is give someone a leadership position but they never face challenges, they may or may not develop to their full leadership capacities.

In addition to fulfilling a job description, why not ask them to look around and find a problem? Why not challenge them to seek out a situation that needs to be improved or resolved and empower them to go after it.

We’re praying for God to give all of us wisdom and capacity to continually grow international church leaders that engage our unique challenges in Europe.


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