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Secure Leaders

Have you ever had one of those moments where you keep seeing something repeated right in front of your eyes?

I read a great article this week on “secure leaders” by Pastor Rod Loy then was in a meeting where I heard another pastor use this same article to invest in his local team.

Honestly, I’ve seen many of these characteristics in my life as I’ve grown as a leader over the years. I’m sure you will too.

Here’s a few comparisons that Pastor Rod gives between a secure and an insecure leader:

▪ An insecure leader takes the credit. A secure leader shares the credit with others.
▪ Insecure leaders surround themselves with weak people. Secure leaders surround themselves with strong people.
▪ When insecure leaders evaluate themselves, they see only weaknesses. Secure leaders acknowledge personal weaknesses and strengths.
▪ Insecure leaders evaluate themselves based on comparison. Secure leaders evaluate themselves based on their potential.
▪ Insecure leaders can’t laugh at themselves. Secure leaders laugh at their mistakes.
▪ An insecure leader resists evaluation. A secure leader embraces evaluation and input from others as an opportunity to grow.
▪ An insecure leader produces followers. A secure leader produces leaders.
▪ An insecure leader only experiences success for a season. A secure leader enjoys enduring success.
▪ Insecure leaders keep the blessings to themselves. Secure leaders share the blessings!
▪ An insecure leader produces insecure followers. A secure leader produces secure leaders!
I hope you’ll take time to talk to reflect on these comparisons and talk about them with your team. May God help all of us to model a culture of secure leadership.

We’re praying for you this weekend!


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