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What We CAN’T Control Versus What We CAN Control!

I was reminded by a friend this week of an important truth: while you can’t control your situation, you can control how you respond to it.

We work in one of the most diverse environments in the world – International Churches! We all love it but the diversity of people we work with brings unique challenges and opportunities.

So, how are we doing? What have you been focusing on this week?

So often we choose to focus on the things we CAN’T control which causes the parts of life that we CAN control to suffer.

Author Scott Hagan says “our character is measured by our reaction to the unexpected.” It’s so true!

It’s important for us to be reminded that not every situation in life is fair nor can we always anticipate what will happen any given day!

In fact, it’s concerning when you think of all the things that are beyond our control. It may not be what we anticipated in life and ministry but it’s our reality.

So, let’s focus on the parts of life we CAN you control. Determine what that is and let’s make the most of it.

Pastor Whitney George says it like this: “You won’t be judged by the situation you’ve been given, but rather by the way you handled it.”

We’re praying for you and your team as you do what is in your control this weekend!


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