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You Have To Be In To Win!!

The London Olympics have been amazing!

Spectacular ceremonies, stunning victories, shocking defeats … and so much more!

There are many ‘life lessons’ to be learned in watching the Games and perhaps the most obvious one is that …
You Have To Be In To Win!!

There is no chance that anyone in the crowd can win anything! The bystsnders, the people like me sitting at home watching by television … all of us who are not actually in the games have no prize to gain!

The simple reality is … you have to engage to enjoy!!

The same is true for us individually and for our congregations!

You Have To Be In To Win!!

The challenge for us is to prepare ourselves and our people to be in!

The thrill of faith only comes when we are actively pursuing God!

Similarly, the reward of the ministry only comes to us after we are passionately serving!

As this ministry season begins make every effort to encourage people to get involved!

Lead by example and demonstrate your whole-hearted devotion to serve!

You Have To Be In To Win!!

There is no other way!


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