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2012 Summit Update: Wednesday

Pastor Larry Griswald
Luke 5
Empty Nets

We’ve all been there. There’s something incredibly wearying when you work and see no results.

I believe part of the journey is for our benefit not for the ones we’re doing it for.

We need to develop our natural skills: language, leader, administrator – natural skills aren’t enough to do the job but they will be needed. Work on our communication skills.

Just because the nets are empty doesn’t mean there are no fish. The Lord can produce the greatest harvest in the most forsaken place on earth.

1st Morning Session – Dan Mucci
To become a greater leader you have to become a greater servant.

Royal Law of Love: Mercy vs. Judgement

First Impressions Are Lasting Impressions
Service of any kind isn’t merely about first impressions. It is about lasting impressions. ‘Wow’ impressions matter because people matter.

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J. Brown – Social Media

Being Intentionally Pervasive is about Making Connections

We have the most important message there is.
We’re in the influence business.

Who should share?
Anyone who wants to be intentional in sharing, building relationships, mentoring, etc.

Emerging generations may not believe in absolutes but they do believe in relationships.

Social Media:
Why should we use it?
Be intentional.
Since they’re spending half their time on that device you better be on that device.

Social Media Landscape 2012
Church & Technology
Cast a wider net
Global content

What should we share?
Share your church life
Share your life

Use your platform

Create a website
Create a Facebook Page
Create a Twitter account
Create a YouTube account
Don’t substitute one of them for a website.

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5:30pm Session – Terry Hoggard

FEIC Update
FEIC, as network is determined to develop relevant ministry initiatives that focus on 4 major points of development. 

This year we emphasized the following

Church Support – iYouth Camp, Bible Studies, Kid’s Ministry Network, Business Team Network
Church Development – Church Life Process
Leadership Support – Pastoral Transition Team, Pastoral Support Team
Leadership Development – Berean/ICI

Business Team
Arto Sadeaho shared with us the exciting things being done around the world thru the Finnish Business team they have developed. He has offered to help us develop similar teams both locally & nationally and will be our FEIC champion in this initiative. His presentation was convincing in every way! There is great potential to be developed in capturing our business leaders and focusing them strategically!

Berean/Global University Introduction
Diane MeGehee shared with us the concept of the school of leaders the team in Italy has developed! The combination of Berean & Global University make this more achievable than ever before! She is willing to serve our churches in developing a model that is appropriate for them and will serve as our FEIC champion in this initiative.

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Other FEIC 2012-13 Initiatives

Hereward, who is one of the congregational leaders in All Nations Christian Fellowship in El Puerto Spain told us about the significant shift in their congregation! So exciting to hear his report! He also made us aware of an exciting 2013 initiative to have offer a major Christian gathering in September 2013. More details coming!!!

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Riccardo reported to us that the Mission School in Brazil is still sending us short-term workers and that their possibilities are increasing due to the support of the national church! He needs teachers to come & serve so we encourage the full cooperation of all of our FEIC team!
Terry shared with us the developmental progress of the GLOBALicn initiative! This effort, born in our hearts at our last SUMMIT is coming together so quickly and we hope to launch the first generation website by Dec 31! We as a network are taking on the challenge of funding the design, development and hosting of this endeavor! 

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Terry also explained briefly the Church Life process and the Pastoral Transition Team concepts!

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Evening Service

Dan Mucci share a few thought about ‘Staying Laser Focused’.
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Corporate prayer time followed by Summit Recap Video

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