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2013 SUMMIT Update :: Wednesday

FEIC Summit October 16, 2013 Wednesday AM Devotional Randy Carter “Soulmates” PowerPoint Download Jokes: Boy: How much does it cost to get married? Father: I don’t know, I ain’t done paying yet. A woman married four different men: a banker,…

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2013 SUMMIT Update: Tuesday

FEIC Summit October 15, 2013 Tuesday AM Devotional Randy Carter ‘Perhaps Faith’ Trumps Chaos The chaos facing the Israelites: They were hopelessly outnumbered They were under resourced They were overcome by fear Jonathan’s response to the chaos: He refused to…

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2013 SUMMIT Update: Monday

FEIC Summit October 14, 2013 Monday PM Forum Terry Hoggard Pastors and ministry leaders are ‘on the mountain’ in Gutenstein, Austria for the 2013 FEIC Summit. The mountain welcomed us this year with the beautiful colors of autumn coloring the…

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2012 Summit Update: Practical Details

Our FEIC Leadership SUMMIT has become a very special gathering for us! Sharing these days together on the mountain strengthens our relational network in a significant way. Our theme this year is, ‘Intentionally Pervasive’ and we will looking at how…

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2012 Summit Update: Wednesday

Pastor Larry Griswald Luke 5 Empty Nets We’ve all been there. There’s something incredibly wearying when you work and see no results. I believe part of the journey is for our benefit not for the ones we’re doing it for.…

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