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2013 SUMMIT Update :: Wednesday

FEIC Summit
October 16, 2013
Wednesday AM Devotional
Randy Carter
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Boy: How much does it cost to get married?
Father: I don’t know, I ain’t done paying yet.

A woman married four different men: a banker, a movie director, a preacher, and mortician. A friend asked her why she did that and she said, ‘I married one for the money, two for the show, three to get ready and four to go.’

Which of these two words describe your marriage: roommates or soulmates?
Some people craft a vision for the each year, but have you ever written a vision for your marriage?

Our vision: by our 50th anniversary we’ll be in love with each other, with life and with ministry.

Have you ever noticed how quickly romantic love fades?

Love is a choice, not a feeling.

1. Soulmates look for the best in each other.
Have to learn to train yourself because you find what you look for.
See your mate as the unique individual as God created them to be.
I Corinthians 12:17-20
I Corinthians 13:7
Proverbs 12:18
Proverbs 18:21
Love your mate for who they are.
Unpleasable mates produce insecurity.
Before leaving today, write 10 things down you like about your mate.

2. Soulmates shower each other with love and acceptance. (Romans 13:8)
Affection – 1 John 3:1
Encouragement – 1 Thes. 5:11 & Hebrews 3:13
Focused attention – learn the ‘go home’ principles. Long after you’ve left the church, your still going to have your spouse.

3. Soulmates keep short records (Proverbs 17:19)
Soulmates are good forgetters.

4. Soulmates give each other the confidence of a committed relationship.
Jeremiah 31:3

FEIC Summit
October 16, 2013
Wednesday AM Sessions I & II
Leigh Metcalf
“Equipping Men To Change The Culture”
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I Corinthians 4:15
Slide 1:
95% of American pastors are men but majority of volunteers in churches are women.

Slide 2:
We don’t need or desire a male dominated church but we need a balanced approach to teaching, worship, and opp that …

Slide 3:
A father is like a compass….

Children who live in a fatherless home…

Slide 4:
In America, studies show that 95% of the whole family will come to church if you reach the man.

A father is meant to provide three distinct things to a child: direction, correction and protection.

A father is meant to fulfill the role of prophet, priest and king in their home.

Mark 10:35-45
Greatness is achieved not through self-promotion but self-sacrifice
The church should applaud greatness.

Deuteronomy 6:4-9
The church should celebrate.

Developing A Culture of Blessings
Baby Dedication – Fathers had to write a blessing.
Rite of Passage –

#1: Don’t apologize when you preach God’s word on giving!

Luke 16: 9-15

If we don’t teach God’s people about money, who will?
If we don’t teach our people how to handle money?

You get what you preach.
Mammon is not money but a spirit that rests on money.
We redeem our money by giving the first portion to God.

Joshua Chapter 6&7 – cursed or consecrated.

Jesus never told anyone that the answer to their problems is they need more money.
The spirit of antichrist is the spirit of mammon.
“You have heard it said don’t commit adultery, but I say to you don’t even look at a woman.”

Tithing was around way before the law.

He didn’t say when your animal has ten give me one. He said give me the first one when you only have one and only the promise of more.

He was the firstborn.
Were you born clean or unclean?
OT principal: the clean had to be sacrificed to redeem the uncleaned.
Tithing is all about giving in faith. Giving the first portion to God.

God is always first.

Don’t apologize for preaching about giving.
Giving is different than tithing. Tithing is not giving – tithing is returning. The Bible doesn’t use the word give when it talks about tithing. It uses the word bring.

You can’t give something that doesn’t belong to you.

You can’t designate your tithe either because it is not yours.
Matthew 25: The parable of the good steward
Jesus is the supplier of the Bible – the main theme and focus.
Giving is the action.

FEIC Summit
October 16, 2013
Wednesday PM
FEIC Forum

Grady and Janet Smalling coming to Europe – want to come and serve – help us. When young Latin American ladies are ID as being involved in sex trafficking, the Smallings want to help them. More info to come about the Smallings.

Tom and Phyllis Benigas
Assigned to CTS as Campus Pastor. In charge of spiritual leadership of students. It is a great place, wonderful school. We’ll be doing some recruiting in the US. Students from Africa, Europe, North America. It’s an international school. We can help arrange internship relationships between CTS and your churches.

Larry and Marion
Operate a ministry to children from their base in Germany.
Children’s minds are open – they are open to whatever you give them. Word of God transformed me. Allowed me the ability to communicate with children. The way that we deliver the message will change but not the message. If we come to your church, we want to train your teachers in how to do this program. We’re available.

Darrell and Sheri Bebee
Briefly shared testimony about being severely attacked on the mission field. Went through a healing process. Today they are using this story to touch lives across the world in sharing their testimonies. Available to share in churches.

Ricardo Zevenbergen, Brazil
Has a missions school in Brazil where they teach European languages as part of their missions training; is vice-president of Chi Alpha in all of Brazil; BMW is coming to Brazil so I’m meeting internationals now – so we started an English-speaking international church. Is also a pastor of a local AG church. Always on the search for missionaries! Enjoys connecting with our churches when on the European continent.

Jeff Slaughter
Shared about his vision for training worship leaders in churches. Through the European Worship Institute, we offer three levels of training: (1) Focus is our individual church worship team retreat. A small teaching team will come and work with your church worship team, addressing your individual needs. (2) ConVerge is our one-day multi-church worship team training event. A host church organizes the event, inviting other area churches to join. We bring a teaching team and do a one-day seminar with theological teaching, practical sessions and workshops. (3) Camp Worship – yet to come, but our heart is to plan intensive training camps to give teams an opportunity to go deeper in training.

Claudia Wintoch
Serves in Mali. Muslim nation, one of poorest nations in the world. Started a church, started a Bible school. Have 20 children in my house now. Seeing God work in Mali. People are fed up with Islam and it’s time to step out there and take people God.

Craig Mathison
Shared about a new ministry direction in which he’ll be connecting a ministry in the USA with a ministry in Europe to reach Muslims. Urged members to join a prayer list for Muslim ministry.

Baz and Bettina Eatwell
Restore Teneriffe – ministry to those who need to be restored. If you know a ministry leader who is hurting and needs a place to heal, please contact us. We want to help.

Peyton Harris
Called for prayer for new pastors for the church in Islamabad, Pakistan that was bombed in 2002.

FEIC Summit 2013
Wednesday PM
October 16, 2013
Closing Session

Worship led by Michael and Dawn Marie Helin
Thanks to the team for serving us, to the speakers for sharing.
Closing video (coming soon)
FEIC Leadership transition announcement

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