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A New Name in Heaven

We met Amir a few weeks ago. He left his oppressive, Muslim country for the first time and traveled to Vienna for a temporary work assignment.

His heart was full of fear, mistrust and hopelessness so why not accept the invitation to visit a Christian church and see how different “religion” in a Western culture looked like.

Amir continued to attend over the next few weekends while keeping his distance and spiritual journey very private. We could tell God was reaching out to him and he was something new was happening.

Last week before he returned home, he requested a time to meet with us to share his decision to become a follower of Jesus.

This week we received this message:

“I hope every thing is OK for you. Thank you so much for every things. I arrived to (his country) yesterday and saw my family. Every thing is OK for me.

Now i am trying to start read the Bible. If possible please pray for me and say my real name in your pray. I will calm down when you pray for me.

Thank you so much again and accept me as a christian brother.”

Friends, this is our call as international churches! May His name be glorified as we reach those who are hopeless without Jesus.

We’re praying for you and your team this weekend!


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