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Behind The Scenes

As I was preparing a message for this Sunday, I stopped to think about all the people who serve behind the scenes at VCC. It overwhelmed me when I really reflected on the number of people who serve in areas where no one ever sees yet they are critical to help us accomplish the vision each week.

Have you ever felt like no one sees what you’re doing? Maybe as a spouse, parent, pastor or employee? You give everything to serve others and yet maybe no one sees what you do?

I want to remind you today – God sees it!!! He always does! He knows when you work and how hard you work… He even sees the motive of our heart as we work. Friends, God sees what you do today!

In fact, Jesus said in Matthew 6:4 – “Your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.”

Jesus was warning us not to pray, fast and give so that others will see us rather to serve Him and His Kingdom with the right motives.

My dad has such a strong work ethic and doesn’t believe in shortcuts. In fact, to this day, whatever he does, he will always do it right.

He was an amazing lay leader in the same church for 25 years then at the age of 48, God called him to be a pastor and now he has pastored that same church for the last 31 years. In total, my dad has served in the same church for 56 years and most of the time behind the scenes.

What’s amazing about his story is it didn’t matter if he was the pastor or a layman… it didn’t matter if people saw him or if they didn’t… God saw him!

God sees us today! So let’s not grow weary in doing good. He sees what we do in secret and will reward us!

Praying for you and your team this weekend!


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