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BlessingI love working with internationals! Our stories are unique, resilient and inspiring!

We all began our journey from a different place but God allows us to spend seasons of time in Europe to be blessed and to be a blessing.

We uniquely celebrate our diversity while at the same time create a Biblical culture that really does make a major spiritual impact of blessing.

When Jacob was returning home and fearing the encounter with his brother Esau, he prayed to God: “I am unworthy of all the kindness and faithfulness you have shown your servant. When I left home and crossed the Jordan River, I owned nothing except a walking stick. Now my household fills two large camps!”
Isn’t that true of us as internationals? When we came to Europe, we had very little but now we can see how God has blessed our lives relationally, financially and spiritually.

We’ve come a long way and it’s important to reflect on how faithful and kind God has been to us. He has blessed us for the purpose of being a blessing!

Pastor Ed Teo said last year at our FEIC Summit, “We tell our people that we hope you leave here with less than with you came.” In other words, It’s not about what we acquire or gain but how we steward the blessing God has put in our hands.

We celebrate how far we’ve all come… and we commit as never before to bless the continent of Europe with the Gospel, with our resources and with our lives.
We’re praying for you and your team this weekend!


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