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Blind Spots

I was talking with a friend this week about blind spots.

We all have them.

For example, we live in a day when we worship results and don’t always realize the consequences or collateral damage along the way.

Just look at what people post on social media… or better yet, look closely at what you’ve posted over the last year.

If we’re not careful, we can be driven by the image of what we want to see rather than who God has called us to be.

Don’t misunderstand me; we need to set goals, measure results and hold people accountable. Along the way, we have to constantly ask the Holy Spirit to examine our heart and make sure we’re seeing what we need to see.

The Bible warns us that “there is a way that seems right to man…” I’m the first to say I can be so focused on what I think is right or just that there are just things I can miss.

Leaders ignore the warning signs and continue blindly forward.

Time Elmore says “It’s easy to become intoxicated with progress and ignore cautions from those closest to us. We want results so badly, we can turn a blind eye without knowing it. Even good people can be victims if we love winning more than integrity.”

Every leader needs accountability because leaders love growth and success.

In other words, our commitment to integrity can be easily eroded by our love of progress.

We’re all susceptible to weakness and blind spots. So, let’s make sure we have people in our life who are watching our blind spots and helping us stay accountable.

Praying for you guys this weekend!


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